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GM365 - Subscribe below

  • Any brand, any model, any make – road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, hybrid bikes, commuter bikes etc.

  • Upon the first visit of your subscription we will inspect the entire bike, take a seat and put your feet up, don't worry it wont take long, we shall conduct our inspection and provide you with a report on what is needed, If nothing is needed then you have not wasted your time we shall conduct a gear tune, a nut and bolt check with manufactures torque settings, Brake Caliper alignment, Spokes checked/wheel trued, Tyres inflated and sag set.  Replacement parts and suspension service advisory, parts and suspension servicing are not included.

  • Unlimited Repairs – After your first visit you are then able to pop in when ever you want for anything from a Gear tune up, brake bleed, hub service, linkage service, bottom brackets, wheel tru, hanger alignment, warranty claims, Headset replacement, BB service or replacement and any other individual component maintenance.  Please understand this is not a full strip down service and is intended for addressing single issues as we discover them. Replacement parts and suspension servicing are not included in the subscription cost.

  • We understand by maintaining your bike to this standard as often as possible we can ultimately cancel the need for periodic servicing and save you heft costs with Periodic maintenance costs. 

  • Monthly payment subscription of £20 per month, just £5 a week!

  • The longer your are a subscriber the more discount codes you will receive through your account with us, you can use the discount code for instore purchases, upgrades and even replacement components, yet again saving more money. We have left the first discount code in the T&Cs after you finish your subscription.  

         From all of us at GMC, 

         Thank you.